About Us

Technet soft systems is the pioneer in training students and guiding them towards the digital world. We render profound service to each and every student. Its been two decades since we have been instrumental in moulding the future for our students. We provide educational services for carving the student community and also have recently extended our services towards technology. Let's re-imagine the steps to technology. The gateway to technology is wide open through Technet Soft systems. Check out the various services that we offer on “Our Services”.


We started with just 2 students, 2 computers & 1 trainer. We have now trained more than 10,000 Students. This was possible just with the support of our students and our dedicated employees. They consciously build the steps to success. See how this all started.

Story About Us

It happened to that one of neighbours who shared their concern on how far away; his student had to go on a daily basis for computer classes. He told the hardships of travelling by bus early in the morning and then he had to come back home and go to his son’s office.
We thought why don’t we start a small center of computer, Further we started complete computer coaching courses, communicational English courses on and on we expanded or service depending on the advancement of technology to help people build their career path. Since then we have been serving generations technologically.

Working Hours:

  • Education : 07:00AM - 09:00PM
  • Sales & Service : 10:30AM - 09:30PM
  • Internet Cafe : 09:00AM - 09:00PM

Our Team

Mr. E.Ananda Murugan
Mr. E.Vijaya Kumar


  • Abinaya
  • Rinku
  • Kaviyarasi

Service Engineers

  • Gokul

Admin Executives

  • Chandra
  • Manju