Sales & Services

Technet Soft Systems has proven experience in providing technology based products such as desktops, laptops, ipad, iMac and all its accessories. We provide top notch services with maximum quality in the services that we do. We also provide new and old desktops, laptops, etc. at affordable cost. At Technet we promise annual AMC and quality feedback sections. We offer pickup of the faulty device and deliver the serviced device within the stipulated timing. We have highly skilled engineers and have the state of the art lab to test the devices. Services we provide:

  • Sales of new laptop and desktops
  • Sales of old laptops and desktops
  • Sales of computer peripherals and accessories
  • Service of faulty laptops/desktops/printers
  • Refilling of toners for printers (Laser and Ink Jet)

Please walkup to our Sales & Serives office in the ground floor and we shall help you fix your system or receive new system.

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