Business Consulting

Entrepreneurship is the basis of Indian Economy. We are in a country which boosts and encourages entrepreneurship. We welcome you to step in and start your own business with government subsidy. Request you to reach our office to discuss about business opportunities. Lets follow the make in India motto and bring our economy to prosperity by increased exports.

Filing Taxes & Returns

Filing taxes and returns are the responsibility of every citizens and we encourage you to file them on a timely basis. it would help you to cover up or prove the loses incurred during any business crisis.

Worries about Tax filings?

We at Technet Soft Systems are here to help you file Tax returns at ease. We are just a call away and returns could be filed in minutes. We deal with all kinds of Income Tax and GST returns. Please walk-in to our office and we would provide details on how we could go about this.

Kotak Life Insurance (with IRDA Reg. No. 60499049)

We have amazing offers to help you invest in insurance. Life Insurance is one of the most inevitable investment options that we have. In todays world we are not aware of incertainities in life. Here is an option for us to invest without any risk to face the risk in life. We suggest that you contact Technet to assist you in enrolling for Kotak Life Insurance.

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